Just read the Yudu iPad Trends & Stats for November, 2011. Yudu is a leader in developing iPad and tablet based publications, so they have some pretty good insight into the future of these devices.

Yudu cites several sources that show that Apples iPad table will continue to lead the pack in the coming years, with over 80% of the market share in some cases. While other tablets (such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab) will continue to sell well, they are not expected to touch Apples dominance in the market.

tabletsalespredictionsWhat's even more exciting (if you're an Apple stockholder, which we are), is that overall tablet sales are expected to reach (or surpass) 300 million units by 2015. This is great news for anyone in business today, since tablets make it so much easier to expose users to your products and services.

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Zaxyn Media has been a on the cutting edge of digital publications since we launched FJC Magazine over four years ago, so we're very excited to read that over half of those surveyed by Gartner reported that finding magazine content is easier on the iPad than in print magazines. This goes to show that digital publications will continue to grow, and we predict that the next generation of magazine readers will find printed issues a thing of the past.

ipadsurveymagreadingWhen you add the additional features of a digital publication (such as interactivity, multi-media, and enhanced referral tracking) to the growing number of tablet sales, the question quickly becomes WHEN will you enter the digital market, not if. Apple's recent launch of Newsstand will further enhance digital publications by giving readers a one-stop-shop to find their favorite magazines, and make any publication much more discoverable than individual apps.

Overall we couldn't be more excited about the future of tablets, especially the iPad. From integration into your business (yes, ANY business), to enabling a higher level of engagement with customers, tablet computers are here to stay!