the new iPadWhen the original iPad was released in 2010, it was a groundbreaking content consumption device. Initially, the iPad was billed as a great device to read e-mail, surf the internet, listen to music, and watch videos. The included YouTube app, web browser, e-mail client, and calendar really focused the use on consuming content, with very little content creation. Since it had no camera, a slower processor, and less memory than current models, creating meaningful content was cumbersome at best.

The iPad 2, released in 2011, solved the speed, camera, and memory issues and made the iPad a better devices for limited content creation. Apple released their Garageband and iMove apps at the same time as the iPad 2 in a signal that they intended the device to be used to create great content. Additionally, by early 2011 thousands of third party content creation apps existed which extended the usefulness of the device.

On March 7, 2012, Apple announced ‘the new iPad’ in a move that will definitely change the game once again. The latest (3rd generation) iPad includes an ultra-high resolution ‘Retina’ display that’s similar to the iPhone 4 in quality. Combined with a 5 megapixel rear camera and a new suite of iLife apps (including the brand new iPhoto), the iPad will become the default creation platform for consumers and many professionals.

In addition to shooting great video and photos on the device, the low cost iLife apps combined with the Apple Camera Connection Kit will enable a complete content creation workflow. Add the existing applications currently available (over 200,000 iPad specific apps) and there really is not much you can’t do with the new iPad.

At Zaxyn, we opted to skip the iPad 2 and plug along with our original iPad until this new version was released. We’ve pre-ordered the new iPad and look forward to enhancing our daily routine in many ways. We currently use the iPad for:

  • E-Mail
  • Web Surfing
  • Minor copyediting
  • Reading books & magazines
  • Education & Games for our toddler
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Navigation in our FJ Cruiser
  • Off road trails & maps

Airplay mirroringWith the new iPad, we’ll continue using the device as we have in the past (in fact our toddler will get to keep the original iPad for his movies an learning). The great aspect of the new device is that all these previous uses will be enhanced by the faster processor and more memory. We’ll be adding the following professional-level functions with the new tablet:

  • Photo tagging, touch up, and cataloging
  • Basic movie editing
  • Music composition & Sound recording
  • Longer form copyediting thanks to the new Voice Dictation feature
  • Business presentations
It really is a great time to be in the content creation business, and with the new iPad it’s possible to achieve a level of efficiency never seen before. From user manuals, installation instructions, and internet connections to full photo presentations and movies, there is almost no limit to how this great device can enhance many aspects of your life and business.