Zaxyn Media, LLC (Publisher of TCT Magazine) is currently accepting applications for an Assistant Digital Editor position.
The successful candidate should have 1-2 years of experience working with websites, forums, and social networks, and a passion for career development within off-road/OHV enthusiast editorial publishing genre.

Our Assistant Digital Editor must be detail-oriented, have strong communication skills and be a team player. This person will support senior staff, freelance contributors, and will maintain multiple Zaxyn Media websites and social networks.

The Assistant Digital Editor will have the following responsibilities:
•    Transform provided content into web-friendly articles
•    Publish and promote content on the several web sites and social networks
•    Work well with a diverse team of content providers
•    Provide approximately five hours of work each week

Qualifications include:
•    Have familiarity with Joomla! or other content management systems
•    Ability to work with Photoshop or similar photo-editing application
•    Have excellent writing skills
•    Possess a keen eye for detail
•    Have a willingness to work hard to gain a foothold in the industry
•    Be in pursuit (or recent graduate) of an Associate, Bachelor or Graduate degree at an Accredited Institution in Digital Media, Journalism, or Publishing, with a strong  understanding of computers and diverse internet applications. Suitable experience may be accepted in lieu of a formal degree.

This is an entry level position that is very part time, payment for services will be made on a quarterly basis.

Interested parties should contact Shane Williams: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.