Photo from edudemic.comFor my first full graduate student paper, I wrote a lengthy piece on using mobile technology (such as smartphones and tablet computers) to aid in the educational development of young children.

My lovely wife Angie suggested the topic since:
A) I love technology
B) Our two young children are exposed to technology very regularly
C) Parents should know the possible benefits and risks associated with allowing children to use this technology.


Mobile technology devices (such as smartphones and tablet computers) are an increasing part of American lives beginning with our children at birth. This technology is growing faster than any major revolution in the history of mankind, and has the potential to bring major advantages (as well as possible disadvantages) to the educational development of young children. Mobile devices have the potential to become a very important educational tool beginning as young as two years all they way through college and beyond. This report discusses the possibility of using mobile devices for educational purposes with young children both in the home and as part of early childhood education curriculum.


Download the entire paper (PDF)