2014 FJ Summit Event GuideDo you need an event guide, map book, or other custom publication for your outdoor or adventure event? We've been doing great guides for eight years and are happy to help!

At the very first FJ Cruiser Summit in 2007, Zaxyn Media produced our first 'map book' as a custom publication. From that simple document, we've grown to publish seven additional event guides for the Summit, improving upon those original maps in virtually very way.


The 2014 FJ Summit #8 Event Guide (Get it from TCT Magazine!) was our best yet, but we also added two new custom publications to the event this year. 

First, we created the very first FJ Summit Passport. This 4.5" square document includes the logo & a short description for each vendor at the event, along with a small square for a stamp. The idea is to increase traffice to all vendor booths during the three vendor nights of the Summit, giving people a reason to see the great things each booth has to offer. Once all the squares in the passport were stamped, Sumiteers dropped the book off in the TCT Magazine booth for a chance to win an iPad Mini.

The passport was a huge success, and indeed helped double the traffic in most booths. It served as a great way for vendors to get the most out of their sponsorship.

 2014 FJ Summit Passport

Custom Trail Leader Guides were another great publication we added in 2014. Working with the Trail Boss Mr. Krieger, we created custom 2 page (front/back) TLGs that were handed out to each trail leader for use while guiding a trail. The front side includes detailed information about the trail, including best practices and notable features. The back side features a custom topo map with mileages for each major leg of the trail. We created TLGs for: Black Bear Pass / Ophir Pass, Imogene Pass, Alpine Loop, Pougkeepsie Gulch, and California / Corkscrew Gulches.


These Trail Leader Guides helped the Summit by keeping trail leaders informed and giving them a concrete example of how to best lead a trail. Additionally, many participants asked if they could get a copy of the TLGs as a momento from their trip.

Custom publiccations such as these can be created for your event, at a relatively low cost. In some cases we can create the layout for a publication in return for a full sponsorship for your event. Contact Zaxyn today to learn more!