Zaxyn Media, LLC is excited to announce the latest version of the website.



Building on a 6 year relationship with one of the best Toyota Lift Kit and aftermarket accessory suppliers, we were able to refresh the Toytec Website to a cutting edge Joomla 3.3 system and create a more engaging, responsive experience for website visitors.

The new site includes all of the great content Toytec has built over the last several years, but is easier to navigate and includes responsive features so it looks great regardless of which device you're using. The site was also moved to a new server with the capacity to handle much more daily traffic than the legacy system. Overall, performance has increased by over 30% and users are able to find information ranging from current product offerings to installation instructions much quicker.

Visit the new website today to see how Zaxyn Media continues to be a leader in the off-road and aftermarket e-commerce space.

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