Your GPS enabled maps for the 2015 Overland Expo West event are now ready!

PDF Map App for Overland Expo 2015

The event this year has nearly 200 exhibitors and featured vehicles, as well as dozens of activities and points of interest.

We've put together a few useful files to help you find your way around while offline at Morman Lake, AZ next week.


Simple, Free PDF Map + KMZ

Avenza PDF Maps App

The Avenza PDF Maps App is FREE on all platforms and is a great way to view single-area GeoPDF maps. Follow these steps to get setup:

1) Download & install PDF Maps for Apple iOS or Android or Windows Phone

2) Copy the link to the GeoPDF ExpoWest15.pdf file:

3) Inside PDF Maps, from the Maps List tap the + button at the top right. In the From the Web Box, paste the link above.

PDF Map App for Overland Expo 2015

4) Copy the link to the ExpoWest15.kmz file:

5) Use the KML Import Feature (tap the Map Features icon in the lower right, then Import) to add the KMZ to your map.

PDF Map App for Overland Expo 2015


Galileo App

Galileo App

If you'd like to have full web-mapping features (including downloadbale vector maps), use the Galileo Pro App for iOS:

1) Download & Install Galileo for iOS on your iPad or iPhone ($3.99)

2) Click this link to download the ExpoWest15.mbtiles file (25mb file)

3) Open the ExpoWest15.mbtiles file with Galileo Pro

overland expo west 2015 GPS Map

4) Come back to this page & download the ExpoWest15.kmz file:

5) Open the ExpoWest15.kmz file with Galileo Pro

 overland expo west 2015 GPS Map

overland expo west 2015 GPS Map


Other ways you can get a GPS enabled map:

View the KMZ on a Google Map

Overland Expo 2015 Google Map

Download the KMZ directly

Download the GeoPDF directly


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