We've just completed a really great project combining modern web-mapping technology with our 20+ years of integration and database administration experience.

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Headed to Overland Expo WEST 2016? How would you like a GPS enabled map to help find your way around?

Hema Maps has partnered with Overland Expo to create just that. A simple to use, easy to read map that will show you exactly where you are, and it works offline!

The map features a full color, high-resolution layout of the entire Overland Expo West event.
We've also included an alphabetic index of vendors along with their booth number, so finding your favorite will be easy.
The legend quickly points you to your desired activities, classrooms or demo areas with color & number codes.

The easiest way to use the map is through the GeoPDF we've created. It's super easy to get the map ready for offline use:

NOTE: It's best to download the map while on WiFi so it processes quickly.

1) Download & install PDF Maps for Apple iOS, Android or Windows Phone

PDF Maps App iOS PDF Maps App Android PDF Maps App Windows Phone

2) Copy the link to the GeoPDF "OverlandExpoWest16byHemaMaps.pdf" file:


3) Inside Avenza PDF Maps, from the Maps List tap the + button at the top right. In the "From the Web Box", paste/type the link above.

Overland Expo West PDF Map

Overland Expo West PDF Map

4) Once the map is downloaded & processed (it will take a minute as the file is over 100mb), it'll be ready to use when you get to the event!

Overland Expo West PDF Map

Overland Expo West PDF Map

5) Be sure to stop by & see Hema Maps (Booth #70) to see how you can get a high-res version this map & so much more natively on your iOS or Android device!

UPDATE: The Hema Explorer | North America Offline 4x4 Adventure Navigation app is now available for iOS iPad & iPhone on the App Store! Android version is coming soon +)

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Today we helped FunTreks, Inc launch a new site that we've been building for over 12 months.

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Your GPS enabled maps for the 2015 Overland Expo West event are now ready!

PDF Map App for Overland Expo 2015

The event this year has nearly 200 exhibitors and featured vehicles, as well as dozens of activities and points of interest.

We've put together a few useful files to help you find your way around while offline at Morman Lake, AZ next week.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015 14:43

A New Internet Home for Stay The Trail

After months of collaboration, custom programming, and hard work, we're excited to officially launch the all new Stay The Trail Colorado suite of online applications.


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Wednesday, 06 August 2014 12:28

Well Connected...For You

With over 20 years of professional experience in everything from startups to technology consulting, Zaxyn has the connections to help your project succeed. Whether you're doing a new app, website, or product launch our professional network can help get the right people to help ensure it's fully successful.

As you can see in this graph, Zaxyn has connections in a variety of industries, so the right team member to help you thrive is only a few clicks away!

Zaxyn Media Network

Get In Touch with Zaxyn today to see how we can help!

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Friday, 28 February 2014 16:36

RoutePlanner Maps

OurayRoutePlannerI’ve been a map geek as long as I can remember. When I was a young lad roatripping across Michigan with my family, I was always in charge of making sure we knew where we were going. From those simple maps 30 years ago to the fully interactive maps and custom GPS solutions I get to work on for clients today, maps have always been a central factor in most of my hobbies.

Last year I decided I wanted to learn how to make real maps that would be useful to others. After much research and thought I realized that people planning trips out west for off road adventure may enjoy having a simple map of certain areas to help them plan their routes. RoutePlanner maps were born.

I created the first RoutePlanner map for the 2013 FJ Summit in Ouray, Colorado. It covers most of the trails in the Telluride, Silverton, Lake City, and Ouray areas, and all the trails are featured in the FunTeks book “Guide to Colorado Backroads & 4WD Trails”. This map is feature rich, double sided, and is printed on heavy waterproof paper. It’s also available as a GPS enabled PDF map through the Avenza PDF Map Store for both iOS and Android devices.

See this map & learn about others we’re working on over at Way2Tread.

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Monday, 10 June 2013 13:40

Fly Fishing Data Cards!

Like the previous cards we did for FunTreks Guidebooks, Zaxyn is excited to add Fly Fishing maps to our GPS data card portfolio.

WAPCardsWilderness Adventure Press has been producing amazing Fly Fishing guidebooks and map books for years, so adding full-featured data cards to their lineup is the next logical step. These cards correspond to statewide map books, and can be used with or without the book (although having a printed map books is always advised). By including far more waypoints than can be added to a paper map, any data-hungry angler can get plenty of info right from his GPS. On Garmin units, WAP has included freely available TOPO maps from GPSFileDepot.com as a service to their users. So Topo + thousands of POIs for fishing in an entire state makes these cards a steal for under $30. Many POIs include detailed information on fishing access, phone numbers & websites for outfitters, and even gauging station information.

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FunTreks GPS Data Card

Using freely available tools and topo maps sourced from GPSFileDepot.com, we were able to help FunTreks Guidebooks create GPS Data Cards that include waypoints & tracks from their guidebooks. While FunTreks has offered waypoint downloads for years, adding the full tracklog (breadcrumb) along with topo maps for Garmin units makes this a really great add-on product for their amazing guidebooks.

Trail on GPS with topo

Visit the FunTreks website for more details.

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Happy to be a new IMIA member!

We're excited to announce that Zaxyn Media has joined the IMIA as a consultant and cartographer. This organization serves cartographers, publishers, and GIS professionals worldwide with news, events, and provides great opportunities to its members. We can't wait to attend a conference as an official member!

Visit their Website



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