If you've ever tried to create a blog for your brand, but ended up frustrated with no great content to show for it...read on.

Zaxyn Media is excited to offer our world-renowned creators to your brand, to help you build an Original Content Program.

Original Content For Your Brand

So much more than a basic, bland, unread, and stale blog....Original Content can change the way your current & future customers interact with your brand.

Our Resources:

• Over a dozen published authors, editors, creators, videographers and photographers (We lovingly call them “Creators”).
• Thousands of hours working in the field crafting compelling stories.
• Deep connections at all levels of the OHV market.
• Digital experience spanning a wide breadth of potential customers.

Three changes in the last few years:
1) Your customers (future & current) are online, social, engaged, and...overwhelmed with demands for their attention.
2) Readers in the 4x4 industry love a good story almost as much as they love exploring in their vehicles. They want to hear your ‘bigger story’.
3) High quality creators are available for a lower investment than ever before.

Zaxyn Original Content for off-road brands

The Big Idea
Beyond adventure & the promise of amazing places...

...We save you hundreds -> thousands of hours.
...We connect you directly to your target market.
...We help you share your story in ways you've never imagined.
...Proven ROI that will enhance your brand’s standing throughout the market

Multi-touch marketing

How We Do It

Zaxyn Media and our partners provide true multi-touch, digital native content creation, marketing, and analytics. 

Starting with your raw content (notes, video clips, photographs, etc), our world renowned creators will craft a flowing narrative that's inspiring, useful, and meaningful to your target market.

Starving for content? Allow our photographers, journalists, videographers, and editors to create custom media assets specifically for your brand. To be used royalty free in any way you like, forever.

The catch: this is a long game. Compelling original content must be built over time, it’s not a 1-shot solution.

Why Before What

Next Steps

A few ways we can show you how Zaxyn Media will revolutionize your original content:

1) Contact Shane or Dylan for a quick & easy review of your existing content strategy.

2) Find a topic or article from our vault suitable for your brand and marketing message.

3) Commission a custom content creation trip. Send your staff and/or trucks for us to cover. Create enough content for an entire year in 3 days.

4) Choose a specific topic for an in-depth article. The best way to kick-start your new content strategy is with an epic story!

5) Work with our creative team to develop a long-term content strategy